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Curtain up, theater people and welcome to “Your Program Is Your Ticket” where we cover all levels of theater from the biggest of Broadway blockbusters to the smallest regional, local and experimental productions. In fact, on “Your Program Is Your Ticket” we like to place a strong emphasis on those smaller, daring productions and the wonderful people that make them happen. And we’re coming to you from the Hells Kitchen area of Mid-town Manhattan, right smack dab in the middle of Broadway.

People ask me: “Why do you call the show “Your Program Is Your Ticket”?

“Your Program Is Your Ticket” is a helpful box office system very commonly used in smaller productions with tight budgets where your program serves as both your program and your ticket. It’s these works we like to highlight and It’s our goal on this show to feature as many of these productions as possible while still discussing the biggies.